Arcadian Tales RPG

A GitBook for all of your Arcadian Tales-related questions and curiosities.
This is your one-stop for information on the wondrous land of Arcadia! (*Sponsored by ACTS, the Arcadian Committee for Tourism and Sightseeing.) (**No, not really.)
You are a member of the Adventurer's Guild, roaming the roads of Arcadia. As an Adventurer, you can explore, you can fight, you can search for treasure, or you can delve into the mysteries of the world... The journey is yours.
A one-of-a-kind D&D-style JRPG.

What is Arcadian Tales?

Arcadian Tales is a Algorand-based Roleplaying Game that currently takes place on Discord.
The game features customizable Protagonists as Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs), cool items, and the original in-game world of Arcadia to explore. You play the role of an Adventurer, a member of the Adventurer's Guild. Explore and battle your way through the world!
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"You're in for an adventure." - The Guildmaster
Hop into the Discord server and check out what's up. Look at the project's ASAs on NFT Explorer. Visit the website. Also, check out the @Arcadian_Tales Twitter.

Site Map

This GitBook is split up into various sections. What do you want to know about?
1) A summary of the Algorand project and game, some snippets about the team and roadmap.
2) The various Algorand Assets used in the project. (Tokens, Protagonists, Cards, and Collabs.)
3) A guide to the game and how to use the bot, broken down into sections.
4) Some lore about the world of Arcadia and its inhabitants. WIP.
First up, what is Arcadian Tales?