Arcadian Bot

*Beep boop* Hello, world!

ArcBot Syntax

Arcadian Bot -- affectionately known as ArcBot -- is the resident Discord Bot for Arcadian Tales. You can think of it as the GM -- the Gamemaster, running your adventures for you. (Incidentally, the bot is represented by the Guildmaster, the in-world character.)
To use ArcBot, you must register your Algorand Wallet. You must also own at least one Protagonist NFT, or it will reject you.
ArcBot runs on text commands (slash command support pending), which have particular syntax and a prefix of ! for all commands. The !help command will give you all the necessary syntax information in-bot. Refer to the following documentation on the particular gameplay systems.
I am not a robot. I can pass a Captcha.
TL;DR, refer to !help for daily usage. Refer to the following sections for topical information on gameplay and bot usage.
Commands are documented as follows: !command <required input> [optional input]. (Angled brackets <> denote required fields, square brackets [] denote optional fields.)

The Starter Guide

In the simplest terms possible:
  1. 2.
    Register your Algorand wallet with the Discord Bot using !setaddress <address>.
  2. 3.
    Check your party with !party.
  3. 4.
    Set your default Protagonist with !setdefault <protag> (e.g. !setdefault elf).
  4. 5.
    Go on an adventure! !solo, !weekly, !wander.
  5. 6.
    Wait for the commands to cool down with !cooldown or !cd.
  6. 7.
    Check your items with !inventory (or !inv bot).
  7. 8.
    Have fun! Read on if you are interested in the details.
You will have to be on a Discord with Arcadian Bot added, but the Official Discord is recommended.