Project Roadmap

"The best laid schemes o' Mice an' Men, / Gang aft agley." ― Robert Burns, "To a Mouse"

The Beginning. 🌅

This project started back in September 2021 with a few Protagonist NFTs and a simple Discord bot, on the Grocery Store Game server, actually. We've made slow but steady progress since then, and have a lot planned. No dates are provided for the roadmap, since they are highly variable. (Consider them Soon™.)
Note that the game is currently in beta. This means that, at some point, Protagonist Levels will be reset and rewarded. (All ASAs, items, and game currency will be kept.)

The Journey So Far. 🗺️

A list of milestones so far, since we launched.
  • 09/28/21 - Arcadian Bot launch! (Basic of basics: reading wallets and running solos.)
  • 12/22/21 - Equipment system. (Adventurer's Set 1 cards released and equippable.)
  • 01/26/22 - Leveling system. (XP and levels, along with class changes.)
  • 02/22/22 - Travel system. (With !wander and !travel.)
  • 03/21/22 - Protagonist arc69. (Semi-automatically updated.)
  • 04/07/22 - Official announcement of Arcadian beta. (Levels will be reset.)
  • 04/11/22 - Hero King's Set 2 cards released. (Still in stock.)
  • 04/14/22 - Status system. (Consumables and Notifications.)
  • 05/22/22 - All Twelve Protagonist Races released. (Not the end of supply, but a milestone.)
(This list only includes major game updates, not all of the events and smaller announcements in between.)

Game Content. 🕹️

Arcadian Bot has come a long way, but it is far from finished. These are some of the milestone updates that we have planned.
  • Caravan System. Split up your party and travel separately; even with other players!
  • Scenario System. Cool scenarios such as quests, reactive to your ASAs and status.
  • In-World Events. Pop-up boss raid? Traveling merchants?
  • Discord Interactions. Slash commands, buttons, fancy embeds, everything.
  • Shop System. Automated bot transactions for items and cards.
  • Combat System. PvE as well as PvP.
  • Resource & Crafting System. Collect and craft your own items.

Other Content. 🎨

Meanwhile, the Bot is not all. The Art/NFT and Community side of things is real.
  • Unique Protagonists. Custom Protags, Collabs, etc.
  • Gen 2 Protagonists. Details TBA.
  • More Lore. Pieces that need to be fleshed out, and some that need to be presented.
  • Additional Cards. More sets, as well as Cards to go with Combat and Crafting.
  • More Events. As always, fun stuff like Story Campaigns and Competitions.

Reach Goals. 🚀

Some of the more long-term and/or uncertain goals of the project. These are not guaranteed, but they are things that we would like to see.
  • A browser version of Arcadian Tales, fully compatible with the Discord bot.
  • Bot-run dungeons mini-campaigns, featuring player-crafted scenarios.
  • Simple merchandise.
As always, we aim to deliver quality content. However, the specifics are often a matter of circumstance.